Story Tags: easier ways to find stories

The only way to find stories right now is based on genre, but I think that the App should look into something like tags so that people could find specific kinds of stories. Currently, the only way to find a story is to go searching through the shelves, which could take hours if you’re looking for something in particular. For example, I like stories with Male MC’s, but it is impossible to tell by covers if the stories have that feature in them. Maybe the description might mention it or the titles, but that’s not always the case either, nor to I think that’s the best place to have it since descriptions are limited to a certain number of characters and titles shouldn’t have to include more than just the title.

If there was an option when publishing to add tags, as well as a section of the search that specifically focuses on tags, I think it would make it easier for readers to find a story they would be interested in reading. This would also give more options to read stories that aren’t in the trending sections, making smaller authors more accessible.

Examples of tags could be:

  • LGBTQ+
  • Male MC
  • multiple MC’s
  • choices matter
  • ink
  • limelight
  • full custom characterization
  • limited custom characterization
  • art scenes
  • multiple endings
  • 2 love interests (or more, or less)
  • Few/No choices

Like I said, these are already things that people write in their descriptions, but having a separate section for these would give more space for descriptions. I do realize that you can search ‘keywords’ in the search bar, but that is limited to titles and names, and like I mentioned above, I don’t think authors should be required to put these details in their titles, either.


Support cause adding these things in the description reduces the length of the actual description


Exactly. It’s hard enough as it is to fit a description in there.

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Support :100:

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There’s already tags/keywords that a reader can search up to find a story, but it would be cool if there was a list of tags for a story that are visible so that readers can easily find a story by just remembering the tags. It would also be cool if you could tap on a tag and it takes you to a list of all the stories with that specific tag, ranked based off of reads and popularity, like on Wattpad. So, support!


This would make so many lives so much easier. It is hard already to fit your description in such a small space and leave room for things like CC, LGBT+, Male MC, etc. This would give authors the space they need for their descriptions and would make the platform so much easier for readers to find what they are looking for.

A tag for spotlight would be super helpful too!


Looks like we already have a request like this here: FEATURE: Search Filters :smiley: