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Hey guys, I am a new author to episode interactive and I was wanting a few tips on how to make a good episode. I don’t want a cliche high school one or anything like that, and can I read a few others new stories :blush: thanks.

How to make a good episode:

  • Make sure you plan it out, because usually you start a story when it comes into your mind, and give up on it a couple of days later. Make sure you definitely want to do it.
  • Make your story unique, as you said, you don’t want a cliche high school story when a new girl goes to school, gets bullied, theres a hot dude etc. Readers need new, unique stories because they don’t want to keep seeing the same ones again and again.
  • Make your story flow - Don’t make it too boring, make sure it keeps on going and flows well. Readers (like me) will probably abandon your story if they get too bored.
  • Make the cover stand out, make it bright, colourful and pick a good title that will stick to someones head like glue. If you cannot make a cover yourself, there are many awesome people on the forums that can make one for you!

Thats all for now, but i will add more tips later.

Work on your directing.
Plan your story.
Be creative.
Don’t copy other people.
Answer content guidelines.
Make your won covers, some new authors use the default covers, and it just looks bad.
Write an new, interesting idea that will interest people, don’t write a copied, boring idea.

I recommend you to use Ink for first story, it’s easier to use, it has script templates, and more people are familiar with it and can help you sometimes.
You should make a practice story to practice your directing, it’s important to make a good story.

Some people say they don’t want to see “cliche themes” like yeah, high school (you said), gangs, pregnancy, bad boys are really popular on Episode, and even though there are literally thousands of stories like this, but if you come up with an original, good and interesting idea, it can be an awesome story!

I hope this helps you!:kissing_heart:

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Thank you both so much :blush:

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