Story Title Change

Hey guys!

I’m Sim, a new creator who recently published a story called “The Fallout.”

At first, its title was “Disconnected,” and it was published with that title. I changed it to “The Fallout” a few minutes after I published it.

Here’s the issue. Episode sent me an email saying “Your pictures for your story, The Fallout, were approved.” However, on the app, my story’s title appears as “Disconnected.” When I search “The Fallout,” I can see my story but like I said its title appears as “Disconnected.”

What do you guys think is the problem? :confused:

It could just be a time thing. I searched the fallout and it also says disconnected but it registers it as the fallout obviously so it may just take a few to update and register if that makes sense.


It takes to time like actually turn into the fallout. Dw it’ll soon be seen as the fallout

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Thanks guys! (: