Story title game

Hi guys
I was kinda bored and figured I’d make a game
The rules are:
The first person has to write a name of a story and the next person have to write the name of another story starting with that name
You can repeat the story
I’ll start

Bite my tongue


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So I have to name a story that starts with tongue?

you have to name a story starting with “e” because tongu"E"

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Oh okay, it wasn’t clear to me. Sorry.
Enigmatic Hearts by Riya P.


rebounding with bad


ooo that’s a good story hahah



Dirty Sassy Teenagers by Lucky

You were mine

(I accidentally replied to someone when people already did oops)

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lol it’s fine no worries

Eat me up

Paper Hearts

Some Monsters Are Okay by RachelleFaucet

you were mine

Eternal Oblivion

No Love Lost

The Red Curtain @Grottino

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Never Been in Love