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I know I haven’t been on here in a while (dealing with persons issues), but I really need some opinions/help.

Problem 1 - I’m working on romance story, but I’m having a really hard time thinking of a title. The main character is a girl who’s very popular, but she’s down to earth. She’s not snobby, average GPA, and she has a huge passion for photography. Her love interest is a guy who loves skating and secretly has a passion for writing songs and singing. He’s not popular, but he’s known for being the introverted guy who doesn’t always show up for class. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion or an idea as to what the title could possibly be, but it has to be a song title.

Problem 2 - I hate making overlays, and I feel like the ones I make look horrible. Does anyone know someone who will make overlays or is anyone willing to work with me on making some. I have no problem paying whoever decides to help.



  • Secret Passions
  • Hidden Desires
  • Difference Between Two
  • Unlike The Other

Ofc. My bad :grimacing:

So this LI is very info skating, and he’s not the best student, but that’s mainly because he never shows up for class. He’s into alternative, punk rock music and dyes his hair green and wears contacts because he hates the fact that he looks like his dad. He’s never been in a relationship before, but overtime he realizes that he feels a lot better when the MC is around.


Clashing passions
Picture perfect (cuz Photography)

Also how do they meet? Or what are their common interestest or the reason they start liking each other?


They meet because he needs to tutor her in one of their science classes together, that’s about the only class he enjoys and actually goes to. They’ve always known of each other, but haven’t really had a conversation with each other. They both have a passion for the arts and are both sort of reserved. She only has one good friend and usually spends her time at home working on things for her future. He’s reserved as well, but knows how to have more fun and he teaches her how to let loose and and capture more beauty in the pictures she takes. However, she teaches him the importance of letting go and how much value he truly has as a person.


The Artistry of our love


I only have a single idea for now but how’s « The Strum Of Us »?

Strum is used to replace the word « sound » and a strum is a sound made by strumming a guitar or a similar instrument.


Here is some ideas:
• A Click of Love
• A Click of kisses
• A Click of… (you can finish it if you have another idea)
(Click being the click of a camera when you take the photo)


I’m honestly loving everyone’s ideas and I really appreciate y’all’s ideas. I’ll let you know when I make a final decision.

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:blossom: Here are some title ideas from my Story Title Shop:

  • Piece Of Your Heart
  • For The First Time
  • Second Guess
  • Not A Big Deal
  • Probably For Sure

I can do that :hugs:


“Practicing the Arts with our hearts” lol sounds so goofy
“The Art Project”
“Schoolbound Artists” (Like soulbound, but not so cringey)
“The Artist who loved me”

You could always take a line from the book and make it the title, for instance “They shoot horses don’t they” which is a title of a book that’s about a guy claiming he killed his partner at a dance contest and explaining to the cops the events leading up to it and how and why it happened.

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