Story title help. ASAP

I am thinking about starting this story and I need help with a title:

The wolves and Vampires have a truce in life, it’s been established since the Great Witch Uprising of 1920 when they both banned together to stop the Witches from destroying the land. 1000 years later and it’s finally your time to rise, as the daughter of the leader of the Great Witch Uprising and the most powerful witch, it’s your time to fulfill your mother’s plans but that gets a little to complicated when the Werewolf Alphas son just happens to Mate on you.

There are 2 love interest and full CC

Please don’t steal my idea and If you have an idea to shorten the bio also send those because mines is long!!

But I need title ideas! Please and thank you

Witch Way or Witch One

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These are good thank you

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  • my alpha
  • forbidden mate
  • traces in the shadows
  • deadly bite
  • deadly mate
  • truce
  • (character name)

These are really smart! Thank you!!!

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I like my alpha


I came up with a few.
The Uprising.
The Witch.
The Truce

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Thank you!!

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If you’re going for a war theme “WWV”? - just because it insinuates a world war as well as containing Werewolves, Witches and Vampires (In a weird way).

“Bewitched by a Wolf”
“Full Moon Uprising”
“Eternal Pact/Pack”
“Way of the Wolf/Way of the Witch”
“When Worlds Collide”
“Heart of the Night/Son of the Night”
" Unspoken Vow/Promise"
“Bite Me” <-- this one’s more of a meme I’m sorry x

I hope if anything this helps inspire you for titles

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Eclipsed of bewitched by a wolf is amazing!!

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