Story title help, lol

desc: four people are dating but each one of them loves someone else.


char 1 likes char 2, char 2 likes char 3, char 3 likes char 4, char 4 likes char 1 and char 1’s friend likes char 2 or something

just a lot of cheating. love. lies and drama

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Maybe clockwork because the order the like each other reminds me of a clock

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Sorry I’m no good at names

plot twist: they all used to hate each other

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I’ve got nothing sorry

But a really good story idea
Let me know when it’s out I’ll give it a read

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Hate & Love

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Haters to confused
Like the wrong one?
Loving wrong

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Those are good @Teahwalker I also DMed you!

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did you make your pfp? because it’s really cute !!



Oh no lol!

oh lmao, it’s cute tho


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hmmm, the only thing I can come up with is Falling Four You

see what i did there?? lmao

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