Story title idea help

So like the title says I need a title for my story :blush:


Boys mother died a few years ago and since then his once kind and loving father has turned into a cruel, abusive alcoholic.

The story basically goes on the boys daily struggles dealing with self hate, eating disorders and loneliness. While repeatedly trying to keep his perfect nerd act up at school

Another thing that could be put in the title is the X’s where depending on how many “mistakes” that’s how long he has to go without eating (hours)

Soo yeah it’s a pretty triggering story with some mature themes but if you have a title idea don’t hesitate to say it below

Thanks x

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Hmm, maybe “Growing Pains”? Although that’s kinda overused, maybe “The Struggle”? Idk I usually come up with a title by listening to music, and maybe the song’s title or something in the lyrics helps me decide.


Thanks for the tip and I love those titles :grin:

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