Story Title Idea!

Hi Fellow Episodians,

I’m writing a story and I need a title. I can’t really think of one. If you wan’t to know what the story is about, then look down
So the story is about a girl who moves to a city called Rosetin. She starts at a new school and she makes 3 friends. Each friend has a bad secret which leads to a crime they have comitted. The new girl is the main suspect. The new girl knows she isn’t the suspect so she asks her “friends” to help her out. They get into much more trouble like shoplifting and more murder.

And please tell me if it’s a bad idea

Looks like another PLL inspired story, no ?

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Actually you might be right
btw should I name it Pll remake?

No, I think it’s against the guidelines or something.

Maybe The Secrets ? Or The Liars ? Or The Secrets of Rosetin ?

I like the 3 one
Thank you so much
I really appreciate your help


My pleasure \o/

Our Sins? Love the idea btw.

that’s a very good one

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Maybe The sins we have made?

As the title?

Thanks guys but I’m using “The Liars” as the title

Awe, I liked Our Sins & The Secrets of Rosetin. “The Liars” seem very mundane. Also, you know what would make your story better?? If you made it into a choices matter/multiple endings story :wink:

Yeah you do have a point.

Maybe the story could end in multiple choices like the Main character ends in jail

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I do wanna change it

To “Our Sins”

PS does anybody know a website where I can create a cover for my story?

Yeah, definitely!

Picsart, Ibis Paint X (for digital art), Phonto. (I’m not sure what else)