Story Title Ideas, Anyone?

Okie so I wanna make a story about this girl’s family that gets murdered, and she is the only member that survived. So she gets a new identity and ish. Ideas?


A few ideas:
Hidden behind a mask (So the mask is her new identity and her real self is “hidden” behind it :wink:)

Hope this helped :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Ideas:

  • Anonymous
  • Stripping Bonds
  • Dark Hearts
  • Glass Life
  • Delicate Me
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ty for suggestions!

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  1. The Last One Standing
  2. Upgraded
  3. Pseudonym

What is that?

That means a pen name


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The New Me
Live and Learn
My Comeback/The Comeback
Masking Tragedy

oouu I like restart!

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:slight_smile: My favourite was Masking Tragedy. But idk I bet other people have better ideas :two_hearts:

Little one
The girl who survived

Idk :woman_shrugging:

Behind the Mask
The Show Must Go On
Until Death Do We Part
Look Both Ways
Befriending My Depression (idek :joy:)

A pseudonym is a fake name that someone using. Often used to mean a pen name but it could also be a new identity!
Some others:
Take Two, Start Over, (CHARACTER NAME) 2.0… :slight_smile: best of luck

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Lone Survivor
I Am My Own Family
Brink of Death
Death: Conquer & Conquest

Then There Was One.

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