Story Title Ideas Suggestions Needed + Idea Feedback

Hi! :smile: I finally decided to go through with my story. However, I still can’t find the right title for it and I’d truly appreciate your help. And feedback whether the plot sounds cliché or predictable.

The story revolves around four characters, and begins with A and B being involved in a misunderstanding. Together they try to convince everyone at school otherwise. But all of their attempts backfires. C, A’s best friend and B’s crush is among those people. While A is worried the further misunderstanding will hinder her attempts to befriend D, her own crush.

So far I’ve come up with: Vicious Cycle, Quartet Entangle

Any other suggestions? :thinking:

A Simple Misunderstanding
Just A Tiny Problem


How about False Impression? Using synonyms of the main problem as the title for the story helps alot!


They all sound equally good! :smile:

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