Story title ideas? 🤔

So I want to write a new story but I don’t know what to name my story. Here’s the description for it:

Story Description

A girl named Link goes all of her life wanting to transition into a boy instead of being a girl and in high school she meets her boyfriend who she liked a lot and one day she tells her boyfriend her hopes of one day transitioning into a boy and not being a girl anymore and once Link’s boyfriend hears that he breaks up with her and blocks her and Link is devastated. But Link doesn’t give up on her hopes of transitioning so she dresses up to look like a boy and then she cuts her hair very short and she gives herself the nickname Link.

What should I name this story? :thinking:


The real me
Become my self
No matter what
I am who I am
Don’t be someone you’re not
Stop pretend

It’s all I came up with for now, hope it helps :blush:

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The Missing Link

idk I feel like this would suit it because that’s her, or rather his name. And it also signifies a missing piece which could be pointing to the fact that she feels she’s not who she wants to be as a female. Just a thought tho, this story sound really good!


Thanks! :blush:

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No problem!

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Relinking means to connect again. Relating the title to your story, I feel like the word Relink could mean something deeper within your character, which is Link and her identity in transitioning and becoming a male. Idk but it's like Link is starting again to connect herself with her means of becoming a male after her break-up. Nice story btw ! I hope you manage to get a good title out of it :slight_smile:


Do I want to be myself?
Stop Pretending
I’m not a girl

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