Story Title Names?

I need help with a title for an episode story I’m making. It’s kinda a cliche love story at high school but I truly just don’t know any titlea

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The High School Love Story

What about that? :thinking:

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I could help, is there anything more you could tell me about the plot or characters?

Well, you already have some help, but I was gonna note some titles for ya, well, good luck!

A girl named Yasmin moved from France to California. It’s her senior year at High School and she meets a guy named Noah and they start having feelings for each other over the months and yeah i guess😂 i’m truly not creative at all

No its good, especially for drama! :slight_smile:
Maybe you could call it something like:
My happily ever after
Or my high school romance
I don’t know. It’s just a couple of ideas for you? :sweat_smile:
Let me know when you publish it though. Do you have instagram?

Yeah my insta is Epy.Izzay

I’ll follow you that way you can let me know when you publish and if you ever happen to need help with anything you can message me :slight_smile: I’m always happy to help :slight_smile:

The boy in the corridor
Romance from France
High school sweetheart
School: English, maths and love
A lesson in love

Just a few ideas sorry they aren’t the best

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