Story Title Names !?!

I have two name ideas for my stories

• Revenge
• Losing Control

My story description

• Their Vow? Revenge.

Their Revenge? To Avenge They’re Mother’s Death.

And Not Even The Devil Himself Would Be Able To Stop Them.

The two main girls in the story do struggle with losing control with they’re magic but they’re also looking for revenge

Suggestions are also welcome!!

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@Martini_98 can help you with tittle @Marissaa.epyy

Out of those I would say Losing control sounds good! :blob_hearts:

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I would check to make sure your story title isn’t taken…I made that mistake :joy:

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I came up with some tittles:

-Deathly Oath
-Unbroken promise

I like @Jo93922 said, I think Deathly Oath fits perfect

Here are some suggestions :nerd_face:

  • Deathly Wish
  • Death Pack
  • Path to Revenge
  • Blood Bath Pack
  • Tides Turned
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