Story Title Needed, HELP!

Hey people, I need a title for my story. It is about a teenage girl, Chiara, whose father sends her to an American boarding school (she is Italian) because she is a massive wild child and is ruining the family image. She meets River Hendry, who looks like the stereotypical bad boy but he is a bit of an introvert and is sweet. The form a quick friendship but they share a mutual attraction. However they both have their own struggles and relationships are too much hassle. Chiara has a real fear of commitment and lacks trust, something I want to show with realism and how this affects relationships.

I will give credit if I pick your title.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks for help my darlings xx



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The Struggle
No trust
Out of the picture

I don’t really know :thinking:
I hope I helped, just a little bit at least :confused:


I like the first one, thanks x

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Thank you, every little helps x

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The bad couple or My sweet bad boy?? I don’t really know, i hope you got some ideas at least.

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Lol hb
I mean the story is a bit like that

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Thanks x

I like that, thanks x

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I’m sure you already know but… (Amore’ means love in Italian)

(No credit to me necessary if you choose to use it)

Fear of loving
The wild one
Drive me wild
Trust & Us
This is Us
Wild love

I tried😜

Thanks x

Thanks, I like some of these x

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Free Fall
Away We Go
When We Were Wild
Taking Chances

Afraid to trust
Trust issues
Away from love

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