Story title needed new story

Hey this is the des

You a brista he a business man when u and he meets each other what could go wrong?

Chracters name
Blair Valentine
Brandon Atlas


You could name it from something important (Like if they met in Paris or something it could be called “Meet me in Paris”)

Oh and I forgot to add. Do they frequently meet somewhere? If so, you can add the name of the place in (Like a cafe or a park)

  • Barista Business
  • The Barista & The Businessman
  • Business of a Barista
  • Business & Coffee
  • Beverage Business
  • Beverages & Business
  • Miss Blair & Mr Brandon
  • Valentine & Atlas
  • Blair & Brandon

Barista ou Entreprise(Barista or Business)
Aimer les affaires(Lovin’ the Business)
Sois à moi(Be Mine)

Both in French, or you can just put them in English


I love the names :heart:

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Business or Leisure Miss Valentine?
Business or Coffee Miss Valentine?

Becuse I highly doubt there won’t be a choice by the end where she has to decide between her career and him and she gets asked one of those questions

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Love Revenue
Beauty and the Businessman

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Meeting Miss Valentine

Meeting Mister Atlas

Not just business

Barista & Business adventure

When we meet again

Lustful Coffee

It started in a Cafe

Meeting up for Coffee

If you use any of these lemme know!! :star_struck:

Good luck on the story hun!

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Wow i love it😘