Story Title needed

I am in need of a name for a story I am currently writing. I would appreciate every help! I really don’t like titles, that are very long, so it would be great if you could limit it to max. two words.

The story is about Androids, that have enslaved humankind and it involves a lot of Sci-Fi elements and - of course - love. The main character is a human growing up in this world. Through some circumstances she meets an Android, that is the LI and the rest isn’t really important for the title.


Auto enslaved
Semi Automatic

That’s all I could come up with :joy:

I don’t think they will fit, thank you so much though!

Complete control
Robotic destruction
Self destructed love

I do know that, but I am not really comfortable with Posting the whole description of the Story, since there are People who could steal it. This is really the core of the Story and knowing more won’t really be helpful. The main character is a human growing up in a world, where she is enslaved, until she meets a guy,that is an android


In general, I find there are two kinds of titles:

  1. Proper noun titles (ie. The name of a place, person, group, event, etc. See: Galactic Game, The Doberman)
  2. Plot summary titles (very descriptive ones like I Married a Millionaire or My Alien Lover, or more subtle ones, like… Undeniable Flame is the only one that comes to mind)

Proper noun titles are the easiest, if you can think of one. I generally use proper noun titles.

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I would say the main focus is the Sci-Fi aspect


Only downside to proper noun titles is if they’re a jumble of letters. For example, I had a story with a working title that was “Anro Ka”, which of course looks like gibberish to a reader, and I had to choose another title lol (happened to be another proper noun title.)

That being said, you could see if the name of the android race will do, or the name of the futuristic city, possibly a derogatory name that they call humans if there is one, maybe a piece of technology that the humans use to rise up…

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I do not think a proper noun title would work - there isn’t anything, that could be the title

Plot summary title it is, then. :grin:

Just tossing out thoughts:

  1. Super vague foreshadowing to the humans’ victory strategy
  2. Something to describe the working/living conditions of the humans
  3. Something to highlight the difference between the humans and the androids (something alluding to the emotions, the wealth gap, or some characteristic of the living body like breath or heat)

I’m just tossing out inspiration haha, since you’re keeping the storyline away from spoilers/copycats, you’re probably the only one who can imagine the right title. :grin::+1:

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Thank you so much for your help! I think these ideas would be a great way for me to find the correct title. Thank you so, so much again, since I think you are right and that I am the only one, who can find a suiting title.


You can use the tittle
to specify the one android who is MC’s LI

Bionic heart (heart that mostly alludes to humans while bionic for androids that fall in love)
Human Exile(to highlight the fact that humans are not welcome anymore and that there’s “something else” taking the lead)
Full Metal Caste or Digital Caste (for the caste system, a political view in which the society is divided in a pyramid class, the bottom part is full of working class/unprivileged while the top of the pyramid is composed of the most powerful. Full metal or digital is to show the reader who’s in power).
Idk if that’s what you’re looking for but I hope it helped a little.

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I really think Bionic Heart sounds great!

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Automatic love?

Enslaved love?
Love enslaved?
sparks fly
sparks elight
all I want is a heart (its more than two words but its stood out to me)

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