Story title plz help I will give all credit when story comes out

Can someone plz make me with a name for my book - Story:your father steps down witch mean your the next in line to run the Spanish/Spain mafia he was also a capo his dad is the don. No one has been able to handle you till America’s mafia boss/king but can he handle you
Book will not be out for a 2-4 month

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umm I have a couple I don’t know if they are what you are looking for


The rise of power
because you are taking over your fathers business
Taming the beast
maybe because no one has been able to to handle you until the mafia leader comes
Because she is wild
His Touch

I don’t know if those are good or not. If you like them you can use them.

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I have a few

story titles

Controlled By Him
Handling Me
When I met you
Until I met him

Hope you like those lol


Thank you I have decided to go with caught in the mafia it just spoke to me but if I make a part 2 it will be called rise of power now I just need some one to make me a cover

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