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I have a story I’m working on but I need help with choosing a title. These are the options I have now.
Plot (rough plot): Plot: Blaire Reynolds has always been on top: top of her class, on top of her responsibilities, and most of all on top of the social ladder at Pearson High; but when her parents suddenly die in a tragic car accident Blaire’s control starts to crumble along with almost all she holds dear. Will the presence of someone she would have never looked at twice before be what she needs to help her find what truly matters in life or will she only be met with more heartbreak and misery.

  • Star-Crossed
  • A Thousand Tears
  • Dethroned
  • Blaire

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who did you do the voting system I didn’t know what was a thing?

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when you go to create a post click the settings deal at the top.

ah okay~ Thanks :heart:

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