Story Title Suggestion Help


So I think I have the title for the sequel of my story, but when I search it on the Episode app to see if other people have used it, I see similar titles to the one I like… But their titles are different then mine… if you are an author on Episode, would you make a story or using a title that is similar to another story but not the same exact title as the story you saw?

The title I want to use didn’t show up in the search bar on Episode but a similar title did…

Help would be appreciated!


I’m a writer and I have a story title that others have used if your story isn’t like there than use the same title the title just needs to be something you like and eye catching


I have a story named King’s desire, there are plenty of stories with the word desire in their title but not the same.
I think it’s better to write a story that has some similarities with other stories in the title but not the same ofc rather than to be a whole new title that no one has.

Because some authors and readers, like you, search the title and see plenty of results. Your story may catch the attention to one of them, but if you write a title that isn’t similar with any other title then, there is less chances someone to search it and ofc read it.

I usually to read a story I don’t tap fantasy in gernes for example. I write a random word to the search and search from it. All the first stories in the gerner are cliche so that’s why i’m avoiding search in there.