Story Title Suggestions Please


Hi! I’m in need of story title suggestions, some people have suggested some title options I could use but I want to see if anyone has anymore suggestions, here is my story idea:

A romance story about a patient and a therapist. The patient will be male and the
main character throughout the story.

This patient suffers from Substance Abuse and Addiction.

The storyline:
This guy named Alex (not his actual name, just made it up for this) lives in an apartment and has a roommate, one night, his roommate enters his room and realizes that Alex is passed out… and soon realizes that he isn’t waking up so he calls 911 and has an ambulance take Alex to the hospital. Alex ends up getting his stomach pumped because of all the drugs and alcohol that is in his system. The next day that he is in the hospital, the doctor says to Alex that he will need to have a recovery plan, this means he will need to see a therapist because he was overusing alcohol and drugs. The doctor says he suggests that Alex should spend about 6 weeks talking to his therapist about his problem. To begin with, Alex didn’t want to do this but then his family found out about his problem and suggested that he should do this opportunity to get better. So, in the next few days, Alex has his first appointment with a therapist. Her name is Jenny, (made up name for now) at the start of his appointments, he doesn’t open up about using drugs and alcohol, he just sits in the chair in her office, staring at the floor. He doesn’t acknowledge her when she asks him questions, he is very closed off because he is embarrassed. She starts by asking him simple questions about his using, like ‘At what age did he start using?’, ‘Why he thinks he started using’, etc. But he provides no answer. By the end of the session she tells him that in order to get better, he will need to start opening up… she says even though it may seem hard and scary to do, it will be worth it in the end. As a few sessions go on, she develops feelings for Alex.

More info: While this story will have romance involved, this story will be more about the MC’s substance abuse and addiction.


“Rebounding with the therapist”, maybe?
Sorry if it sounds cliche :joy:


While this story will have romance involved, this story will be more about the MC’s substance abuse and addiction. That’s more info.


i don’t really have a title but just a suggestion

the story seems very good, but please make sure to research about Substance Abuse and Addiction, and include things from that in your story. you don’t want to romanticize addiction, so don’t make the whole thing about romance and make him overcome it and things like that… otherwise it looks like you’re glorifying and romanticizing addiction, which isn’t good! it sounds interesting though :sparkling_heart:


I do plan on doing my research before writing, don’t worry. :slight_smile:


okay, good! you should also include a sub-plot or something for him getting over addiction instead of the only thing being him falling in love