Story Title Suggestions Please?

Hello, so I’m writing a fantasy/action/romance story and I can’t think of any names for it. Here’s a summary:

A married woman has an affair with a gangleader and gives birth to twins, pretending they are her husband’s. The gangleader wants custody of the children, and after finding out that they have superpowers, he kidnaps one of the twins and makes the parents believe that she died in a car accident that he caused. The gang becomes the strongest in the country because of her help. One day something goes wrong and a superhero team captures the girl and tries to get her to help them take down the gang. The MC’s name’s Felicity, which means happiness. Her powers are dark based while her twin’s is light, while the superhero team has fire, water, air, etc.

Powerfull gang
Good twin bad twin

  • Gangsters beyond Reality
  • Fire Play
  • The Twins
    Hope you find a great title :slight_smile:

Light & Dark

Good N Bad

Ruthless Path

Happy In The Gloom

GangBang < lol

Omg the last one :laughing:

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Seperated by Power