Story title suggestions plz?

Jail-Escapee, Emilia gets injured on the run, but Alec, takes care of her, slowly falling in love. The bad part? He doesn’t know the government is looking for her, country-wide.
if i use your title ill give you credit if you want
im looking for a title that maybe has something to do with her hiding her bad side. my previous idea was ‘orange and pink’ representing her being in jail (orange) and her becoming a new person to hide her old self from alec, because shes scared of him not loving her anymore if he finds out she was in jail. (pink) but that title is boring and i need something to draw people in. but it is also hard to come up with a title like that, so im just looking for a title that is interesting and has something to do with her hiding her true self to alec? but if possible i do want something that has someyhing to do with her 2 sides (bad girl and good girl)

  • Cuz I Love You
  • Bad Ways
  • End (Of) Us
  • Goodnight
  • Just Us
  • In Your Life
  • Lovely Criminal

idk these are bad
i may edit this later

Edit time :smirk::
In Your Arms
Break My Heart
Lie To Me
Show Me Your Sins
On The Run
(these all sound like romance :clown_face:)

no i think these r rlly good actually!

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My ideas:

  • Heal Me
  • Wounded Heart
  • Behind The Wounds
  • Hurt
  • Don’t Fall

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My ideas:


Finding Myself
Hiding It From Him
My Bad Side

That’s all.

heal me already exists :c

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