Story title suggestions?

Genre: Action
Description: You’re the top spy at a government organization built on taking in lost and broken souls, What happens when your mission is to seduce and kill the one you’ve come to love the most?

Suggested Names

I spy with my little knife ~ @ My friend Igbar
Killer Seducer - SakuraCheam
Broken Souls - HollyFaith
MurderousLove - HollyFaith
Unlicensed (to) Love - Kax
A bond of lies - Kax

Edit: Thankyou for the lovely suggestions everyone!
In the end I decided to go with “I spy with my little spies”

No intention on being an annoying grammar snob lol but I think “sole” is meant to be “soul”
Unless you’re genuinely referring to feet…?
And you used the wrong “your” as well.
I like your friends suggestion by the way…
Sorry about the nitpicking…
I hope you find what you’re looking for on here x

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Umm…maybe Killer Seducer? (Lol I suck at names I’m sorry but this what came to mind when I read your description)

What about “Broken Souls” like you said in the description?
Or “Murderous Love”??

Unlicensed (to) Love
A bond of lies

Lmao, Thankyou. I forgot how to spell. I blame the Sims… (I was doing the 100 baby challenge on the sims 4 and I ended up typing whilst trying to take care of poseidon who was the fussy todler and Hades the clingy one. XD)

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Wow, I like the names!
Greek gods?

Yeah, I’m obsessed with greek mythology. My two favourite goddess’ are Artemis and Athena. :3 (However HERA JUST WANTED TO KEEP MAKING BOY BABIES Soooo I named her babies after her brothers…)

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Haha interesting… I’m clueless when it comes to Greek mythology though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But you do you

@Sydney_H Could we please get this thread closed? xox.

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: