Story Titles/Name Ideas/Outfit Ideas! **OPEN**

Hi there! I was looking through some posts and I realized some people have trouble with finding/creating Name Ideas/Story Titles/Outfit Ideas! I’m here for that!

If you need a story title, give me a short summary of your story.

If you need a name idea, tell me your character’s info and description!

If you need an outfit idea, just tell me the basics…

Claire xx :laughing:

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Oh sweet, I was just thinking about what I should name my story. I’ve been mulling over the title Psych Out, but it seems kinda gimmicky. I’m trying to think of something short and spunky, sort of like the titles Speak or Blake, if you get me. Here’s the actual story desc:
When Liron is institutionalized after a suicide attempt, she learns that mental wards are very different from what she thought- in some ways good, other ways bad.

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I like Psych Out, could you send me a link to your story if you have started it?

I’m gonna have to keep you posted, I’m still writing the second episode. It’s going pretty slow as I’m also updating my other story, which actually has pretty similar themes to psych out now that I’m thinking about it. Welllll, write what you know

Thank you. Psych Out is probably better than my ideas so far but i’ll Think about it.

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do you think you could help me name my story. it is my first one and i am confused on what to name it

when nova finds out shes pregnant she automaticaly thinks she cant raise a baby alone thats untill she finds out he loves her as much as she loves him

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