Story Titles Needed!

Ahh I need help!
This story involves gangs, criminals, lust, love, drama, etc.
And I can’t think of a title!
It’s about a girl. This guy saves her life (Tyreese) She knows nothing about him until she tells her best friend (Alex) what happened the day after. She finds out that the Dark Angels (The biggest gang in the city) wants Ty. They’ve been trying to capture him for YEARS! Weeks and months after they met, they’re madly in love. He drags her into his dangerous life. He’s scared that she’s scared of him, and she might lose her life because of him. If all that made sense.
Any title ideas for this story?

Just off the top of my head a few suggestions…
The Risks of Love
Love on the Run
Fear or Fallen
Bound in Danger

Not sure if any of them work but just ideas to kick it off :smiley:


These are all really good! I’m considering The Risks of Love, Love on the Run, and Bound in Danger!
Thanks for the help! :heart:

You’re welcome! happy to help

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The Run and Go? Thats all I could think of

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