Story titles related to tea/coffee

That’s amazing!! Good luck :blob_hearts:


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lol I just got idea for another DL story … for the Coffee, cookies & Crime title about a cofeeshop owner who solves crime as a hoby.

Damn I have too many ideas in my head.:woman_facepalming:


Oh lol haha!!

And yeah I can relate!! If someone gifts me 50 plus books I can just write down all the story ideas I got Lol!

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I didn’t see this until now, but here’re some more titles in case you change your mind. :flushed:

  • Caffeinated Crime(s)

  • Caffeine Crimes

  • Caffeine and Crime

  • Criminals/Crims and Coffee

  • Barista Bureau

  • Coffee Crimes

  • Criminally Caffeinated

  • The Criminal’s Coffee

  • Crime, Company and Coffee

  • Coffee, Company and Crime

  • Espresso Espionage

  • The Coffee/Caffeine Case

  • A Case of Coffee/Caffeine

  • Cafés, Coffees and Crimes

  • Cafés and/of Crime

  • Coffee Capture

  • Corrupt Coffee

  • Caffeine Case

  • Extra Shots

  • Hot Coffee

  • Tea Trafficking

  • Tea Leaves (double meaning)

  • Tea Trouble(s)

  • Tea and Trouble, Trouble and Tea

  • Trouble in Tea (like Trouble in Paradise)

  • Caffeine, Coffee and Crimes/Crims/Criminals

  • Operation: Coffee

  • “Americano, Latte or Regular?”

  • “The Usual?”

  • A Drop of Coffee/Tea/Caffeine, A Taste/Sip of Crime

  • Caffeine/Coffee Catcher/Chaser

  • Tea Turbulence

  • A Trace of Tea

  • A Taste of Trouble

  • Coffee Chase

  • The Coffee Run (double meaning)

Your story concept sounds quite interesting, so I’d love to read it when it comes out. :joy:


Thank you so much! I might change the title now :flushed:

AYYY THANK YOU SM! :sneezing_face::joy:

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Damn these are all so amazing

This one :raised_hand::exploding_head:


If these aren’t good then idk what is…