🦋 :blob_hearts: Story trailer and Cover Video commissions (only 3 spots)

Hi everyone,

I’m just gonna start off with how I love editing videos but at the same time it takes too much time to do it. And I also saw a lot of new authors who would want a trailer for their new story. I cannot do it for free because doing a video edits takes so much time and effort plus I am only placing a low price.
I have been learning a lot these past few days and thinking a lot about doing this.

Any kind of support is very much appreciated. I know, not everyone can afford paying for everything.

So, I intend to take one request each for free that include cover reveal, trailer with a story title design. This means 1 cover reveal request, 1 trailer request with story title design.

:rose: :rose: :rose:All free requests are occupied. :rose: :rose: :rose:

Price range:

1. Cover reveal- 2.40GBP
2. Trailer for your story- 4.40GBP
3. Trailer with story title design- 5.50GBP
4. Cover reveal + Trailer with/without title - 6.60GBP
*inclusive of taxes.

All payments through PayPal only

Price might vary based on the complexity of what you want.
To request:

  1. First drop in a message here, that you want to request/ commission.
  2. After that pm me. I’ll get back to you.

For faster response you can dm me on instagram @saleem.episode
And if you wish to see examples you can pm me. I don’t think I can attach a videos over here.

There’s a vidoe link below.


Thank you for reading so far. :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: I hope I get support from this. :crossed_fingers:t4:


Bump! :chef:

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Thank you for bumping! :hugs:

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Hey! I didn’t quite understand that :thinking:

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So someone already has taken the cover reveal edit. But, there’s one free request for a trailer if you wish to get a trailer edit you can.

Do you understand now?

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Oh, alright! I get it, thanks (:

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Your welcome!

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Bump! Still one request free for a trailer with title design is available.:hugs::hugs:

Also, since the writers contest has been announced feel free to commission me.

My Commissions for video edit are open!!!:blush::blush:

Hey, I could like to request for a trailer :blob_hearts:

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Yes, you can dm me on instagram @saleem.episode for more details.

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As of now, I will be taking commissions from the next request.
I would really appreciate any kind of help. And my prices are pretty low.
Thank you.

Bump!!! :blob_hearts:

If you wish to see an example of my work. Take a look at this latest commission for a trailer I did.


Good luck! So it’s paid right, and not available anymore?

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Yup! the free requests has been taken unfortunately.

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Will you be doing more? (free)

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Most probably I wont be doing that. Sorry. :relieved:

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Anyone in need of a trailer/cover reveal or title design for their OM contest story, my commissions are open. My prices are pretty low as well. you can check them at the top of this thread.

COMMISSIONS OPEN 0/3 SLOTS available!!! :dancer:t4:
COMMISSIONS OPEN 0/3 SLOTS available!!! :dancer:t4:
COMMISSIONS OPEN 0/3 SLOTS available!!! :dancer:t4:

If you wish you can pre-book as well.

If you want examples there’s a link above.:blush: