Story Trailers (Feature Idea)

I recently got this cool idea that I haven’t seen anybody else request.


What I mean by that is instead of reading an episode. You can watch/read a short trailer of the episode to see if you’re interested. This would Either be a short video or more likely a short episode to read that was made by the author. I think It’ll be cool to get a good Idea to see what the directing style/ characters/ CC Options are like before you read the actual story. This wouldn’t take the place of an episode or contain many (or any at all) choices, it would just be a short trailer. which will be optional to read, or to create.

Does this sound Okay? :grin: Please express your opinion. :blush:


I love this idea!


Love this idea!

Yesss. This wouls help all lot of authors too as some people struggle to write interestinf descriptions which therefore make the story seem boring without being read. Although it may be difficult to do if the story has not been completely planned out yet or completed although if there were the choice to edit thw trailer that wouldnt be an issue

I see every author starting the story in the first chapter… i would love a trailer in the first episode. So i can see what’s the story about