Story turn offs or "Click offs?"

So I’m currently writing my first story and I just wanted to know:
What are some things that cause you to exit a story faster than the Flash?
In other words what are some “Click offs?”
Poor Grammar?
Author Messages?

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Tons of opinions for you.

Lazy characters and default models!! Grrrr
sjw icky-ness
Bad grammar


True but I think that is app fault, not story

When I first read a story, I can automatically tell if the plot is cliche or not and like mentioned before I don’t like seeing the default characters :sweat_smile:

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That’s not mine.

its boring. and also if I go through the entire first chapter and there is not a single choice. I wont read chapter unleash that first chapter was extreamly good(they never are)

and the entire. sorry this chapter is bad. it will be better. if you know its bad then why published it. how about make it better before you published it instead.

and the entire its bad but its a pilot episode. the pilot episode is suppouse to sell the story. so it actually has to better than other episodes

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Oh sorry!!

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Tbh, I dont click off stories. I just continue reading despite poor grammar, basic directing, etc. That’s just me. Never click off a story even if it is a new story by a new author.


:100: yes

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  • Poor grammar (Imo, it’s a huge turnoff, although I understand if English isn’t the author’s first language.)

  • No effort in directing (Not simple, but just no effort put in is also a turnoff.)

  • Lacking personality (This is also a huge one for me; I find characters that lack personality to be boring and turnoffs. Give us some personality, emotions, or feelings!) :kissing_heart:


Generally, cold-hearted millionaires …
just a lot of cliches that aren’t well written
Romanticized mental illness, assault, etc!!!
Unrealistic romantic speed!! Ugh.

I hate to say it, but I often click out of stories where my MC or LI has tattoos. Don’t even ask me why. It makes no sense. I just don’t like it, LOL

I’m super picky… and I need recommendations. Got any for me?

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I don’t know if you may find this romanticized but a story I really enjoyed was Speak by J Miley. I almost cried lml.

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I read it a little while ago. It’s a fantastic story.
I meant girls having panic attacks and boys coming to save them… haha

Gotchu!, It’s older but I just finished reading Runaway:Trouble by Didi as I had started reading her current story. It wasn’t perfect as there were some logic holes but as it’s fiction it worked. I also really like Melissa LaVone’s stories as she’s pretty funny.

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I dislike it when I feel like I have no real choice in things. For instance, if you pick, “Go to the party,” you end up at the party, but if you pick, “Don’t go to the party,” you still get dragged along anyway. Totally pointless.

I also find myself disinterested when the characters don’t have discernable personalities. I should immediately know if they’re bubbly, surly, sassy, skittish, etc. It’s even better when the reader gets to choose how the main character acts!

And yes, poor spelling/grammar is just difficult (sometimes nearly impossible) to read. It’s also hard to get engaged in a story with really poor directing. (It doesn’t have to be amazing, but at least put the characters on the right layers, and fix those awkward pauses between lines…)


While I do care about grammar I don’t usually click off because of it (unless it’s really bad) because I am not a native english speaker either and I know that it’s hard to learn the language.

But, abbreviations/ accronyms like “tbh” or “btw” is a huge click off for me, like come on, just write the sentence! Stuff like “lmao” and “lol” are ok because those are practically words by now.
Also plots where the male love interest is kind of abusive/ manipulating, I don’t appreciate seeing abuse being romanticized.

Long narration and stiff characters (lack of animation) is also disturbing and the same goes for overly animated characters.
Having to pay gems to do anything is also annoying, Like I think that gem choices should be for cool extra scenes but I don’t want the story to be boring if I choose to not buy gems!
Also pregnancy is weirdly obsessed about in a lot of stories… I don’t mind if it’s to add more depth to the plot but I don’t like pregnancy centered stories!

Good luck with your story!

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