Story update! and chat time :p

Update: I finished my first episode AND I’m waiting on my cover to be approved :woozy_face: what ya think about mah cover peeps?!?!?!1?!?!

I mean… it’s not advanced or nun like that but I mean look at them smexy faces :drooling_face: I just can’t… ANYWAY!!! Tell me what you guys think and some improvements

CHAT TIME!!!: Hm lets see… Let’s have a chat about 2 different things actually 1. School lunch :pizza: And 2. TRUTH OR DARE!!! If not willing to do a dare just tell something funny about yourself I guess :heart: :woozy_face: LETS GOOOOO!!!

P.S I’m very hyped right now if you didn’t notice and tbh idk why…hehe :woozy_face:

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Ok…first you shoukd add a background behind all of them because I honestly won’t click on a story with this cover because it is really basic.

Sorry… that was kinda harsh.


I agree with @Danielle318 and maybe you could remove those zoom and other buttons at the side.
Also make the title another color or move its placing because it is a bit hard to read


Agree 100% :blush:


Lol it’s fine tips are tips :stuck_out_tongue:


i think you should use a different font/text, as it’s kind of hard to read and doesn’t stand out. no offence, just some feedback.


ty :heart:

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You could try removing the buttons at the side and adding an interesting background. The black text is hard to read and it’s too small to see on the app. I don’t know why you added the Instagram logo twice, and you should probably use your episode author name instead of your Instagram handle. Also, isn’t this too square for a cover?