Story Updates Not Available For Me?

I think this qualifies as a bug but on the IOS app store, there is a place where all the updates to the apps are listed mostly the new titles. My app is apparently up to date, except said books in the update aren’t there. Also, reading the forum’s I found out Rulebreaker had been updated to allow you to play as a Male Mc. I went to the book and was not allowed the option, so I undownloaded and reinstalled the app. Still didn’t work. I had my friends test it out to see if maybe it was just certain people allowed the Rulebreaker update… They all got the option to be a guy. I’m very frustrated because I have been uninstalling and reinstalling the app, contacting support, and nothing seems to work!

Hmm that is strange… what phone do you have?

I have an Iphone Xr! Just got it for christmas, so everything is up to date. I looked all over the forums for a solution and it does seem no one else is having this problem.

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Did you restart the series?

Yeah. Multiple times actually that I ran out of replays :confused:. On each replay, I am allowed the choice of my LI but then it just takes me straight to creating my character, female, without giving me the chance to choose my gender lol.

Hmm strange… then idk

It sucks lol. But thank you for trying to help! If only Episode would get back to me on my multiple support tickets.


i can’t see the update either! i also just got a new phone, the iphone 11. everything is up to date. maybe the new version is in beta? that could be why only certain people are seeing it.

Hey there @2frogsnice, just letting you know: if you submit multiple tickets, it’ll take longer for Episode to respond, since all new tickets go to the bottom of the queue. It’s faster to wait for a response from them before sending in another one. :smiley:

Ohhh okay interesting! Thanks for letting me know!

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I think it has something to do with the new Iphones. I pulled out my very old Iphone 6s and all the updates were working on the app.

that’s really interesting. the xr was released quite a while ago, so i don’t think it’s the new phones unless your old 6 has the same episode account linked. has support responded to your ticket?

Support said that it’s because they release certain features to a small group of players. It’s just weird though that on the IOS app store page they would list stories being released because of the app update and not release said stories. :exploding_head: