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I have published a story called The Royal Princess. However, I seem to have a glitch in my story views. Starting from around Monday (18/02/19) my story reads started to increase from 1.1k. They slowly increased up until they reached 1.9k yesterday (20/02/18), however my actual reads on my story hadn’t gone up by this large amount. Now, my story views have gone back down to 1.1k.

In summary… my story views slowly went up from 1.1k to 1.9k, even though my actual story reads hadn’t gone up that much. Now, my story views are back down to 1.1k.

I just wanted to know if anybody else had come across this problem before? It seems awfully odd.

The first picture of 1.9k views was taken on 20/02/19. The second picture of 1.1k views was taken today (21/02/19).

Thank you for reading this long post :kissing_heart:



I wouldn’t rely on the in app read count, it’s not accurate and it gets confused. For example I had 1,009 reads but in the app it said 1.9k reads.

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Oh right, so it’s just messed up for everybody then :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, it doesn’t quite know how to round up once you’re in the thousands. If the second digit of your count is ‘0’, it won’t show the right decimal place until you get to the 100th number .

1009 will show as 1.9k up until you get to 1100, then it will show as 1.1k


Why are my read number/story view number so different?

Oh right, I understand. Thank you for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:


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