Story vote please vote for my next story please😃

Hey my name is Reem and i’m thinking of starting a new story so i was wondering if anyone would vote, it’s 10 questions and the main character is female


  • Romance :heart::two_hearts:
  • Drama :woman:t5::broken_heart::man_blond_hair:t3:
  • Fantasy :bat::woman_mage:t4::wolf::man_elf:t3:
  • Mystery :world_map::earth_asia::luggage:
  • Action :gun::statue_of_liberty:

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Main character:

  • Angel :angel:t3:
  • Demon :imp:
  • Elf :woman_elf:t3:
  • Fairy :sparkles:
  • Demigod :star2:
  • Mermaid :mermaid:t3:
  • Vampire :bat::woman:t2:
  • Werewolf :wolf::woman:t4:
  • Witch :woman_mage:t5:
  • Banshee :scream:
  • Human :girl:t4:

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Main character’s Family:

  • Mother :mrs_claus:t4:
  • Father :santa:t3:
  • Older sister :woman:t3:
  • Older Brother :man:t3:
  • Younger sister :girl:t2:
  • Younger brother :boy:t2:
  • Twin Brother :boy:t4:

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Main character’s Childhood:

  • Care home :right_anger_bubble:
  • Foster home :house:
  • Cruel adopted parents :angry:
  • With family :family_man_woman_girl_boy::house_with_garden:
  • Orphanage :cry:

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Love interest’s species:

  • Demon :imp:
  • Vampire :bat:
  • Human :boy:t4:

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Love interest’s Family:

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Younger sister
  • Psycho uncle
  • None

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Main character’s Bestfriend:

  • Girl
  • Boy
  • Both

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Love interest’s lifestyle:

  • Rich :heavy_dollar_sign:
  • Badboy :gun:
  • Both :heavy_dollar_sign::gun:

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Main character’s name:

  • Dinah
  • Blair
  • Elvira
  • Destiny
  • Aurora
  • Bella
  • Skye
  • Morgan
  • Ivy
  • Harper

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Love interest’s name:

  • Damien
  • Vlad
  • Seth

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If you think i missed anything out just let me know, thanks


I can’t vote :sob: The poll code is broken, alas.

yeah i’m fixing it now

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Also, I think this topic would be better in the “Share Feedback” section of the Creator’s Corner. That way, people who are looking to give feedback can find this thread :blush:!


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i don’t know how to change it

You click on the original post and click edit. There’s a bar that lists the category (here, “Promote Your Story”) that you click on. And there will be a dropdown that will show categories. I think you click on one to change it.

My answers for the rest of the polls:


MC Species: Elf
MC’s Family: Mom, Dad, younger brother
MC’s Childhood: With family
LI Species: Human
LI Family: Both parents, psycho uncle
BFF: Honestly, a story without a BFF would be my preference lol
LI’s lifestyle: Rich (make him a prince!)
MC’s Name: Skye
LI’s Name: Damien

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mc: elf
mc’s family: dad, older sister
mc’s childhood: orphanage
mc’s best friend: if you want to include a best friend(s), i’d do both. however, a lot of stories have that, so i think it’d be refreshing if the mc’s closest friend is a family member??
mc’s name: elvira

li species: human
li’s family: mom, younger sister, psycho uncle
li’s name: damien, though it’s slightly overused. only picked it bc the others are way more overused

Hey i fixed it so if u mind putting your vote on the poll it would be much apreciated

If u would mind filling it on the poll too if u haven’t already

just did <3


This would make for an interesting plot :wink:


Good luck on your story! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank u :blush:

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No problem.

Let me know if you need any more plot ideas or advice! I love creative writing stuff.

thank u