Story was flagged, not understanding due to giving credit in credit section

Hello, hope all of you guys are doing well.
I’m on my third story and was in the process of finishing it, but I got an email from the
form administration saying that my story was flagged because where I get my background and make some of my overlays from, I gave these websites credit. Now I had to take my story down to go back and revise it in the credits sections. Aren’t we suppose to give credit if we did not create the background or overlay? like what’s going on, not understanding, My friend who also writes isn’t having this problem, Starting to feel like I’m being targeted!

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Hi well where are you getting your backgrounds from?

Istock, pexels, unspash, flickr, dreamtime etc
I already took out the websites that my story was flagged for in the credit section,
I took down my whole story to go back through and take all of them out! because if they flagged those chapters they can revoke my whole story because of the credits

I will pm you.

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Thank you! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Sadly it doesn’t matter if you give credit or not. If the background creators are external from episode then they don’t have to give anyone permission to use their photos because of copyright.

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The problem wasn’t using the backgrounds, it was giving out credit to the creator and the website I got them from. I pay a subscription to use the photos, they wanted me to take down the websites I’ve gotten them from.

Do you have a screenshot of what they said?

Did you actually type out the website or just put the names?

Yes, I did

which one?


Doesn’t matter now, I went in and took them out, when I looked at the lines they described it was in the credits section

Getty images
and a couple others I pay subscription to get images that I might not can’t find on the free websites

Giving credit where it’s due is so complicated sometimes. Sorry you are having trouble.

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:woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: I basically got in trouble for trying to do the right thing!

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Hey Exzodia,

How are you girl??
I had a review few months ago and got that email too. I gave credit to the Pixabay artists I have some overlays from. Best thing you can do is using the * in it. That’s the only way to protect your story from being banned. What I try to say is: it’s good to credit, but be careful if you use websites like Pixabay, Istock, pexels → use the * to credit. For example: Pix*bay. It’s weird, but it worked with my story.


What a great idea!


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: OOOh, thanks a lot, really appreciate girl, thanks!

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