Story With Ethnicity

so i’ve been thinking about writing characters who are from different ethnicity like Korea, India, Puerto Rico etc, but I don’t think I should because I don’t think people would find it appropriate. Like who am I to write a story with these ethnicity if i’ve never actually grown up or been to these places? Also if i were too write a story like this, I just feel like I’d manage to offend some people even though it’s not really my intention. Honestly the idea for a story like this just came to me when I realized that most episode stories usually take place in America / Europe and I just suddenly start thinking why not write a story that takes place somewhere else.

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I think it would be a great idea to use different ethnicity in your story! Your right that not many stories do that. I would put an author note in the beginning saying that your story is not meant to offend anyone and that it is what you imagine life would be like in that place. I’d also research about the place, people, what they do etc… Good Luck!


Maybe you could find someone of that ethnicity to beta read the story for you?


Yeah, I agree with the other two.

Make sure to do your research, give the character a personality beyond their ethnicity, and avoid stereotypes. It helps to speak to people who are that ethnicity as well, but if you’re terrified of approaching people to ask directions directly, read a lot of stories, blogs, and articles written by people of the ethnicity you’re trying to write about. Research the location you’re writing in as well, and get a good idea of the wide variety of ethnicities that exist in any given location. You’ve got this!

If you do accidentally offend people, just make sure to listen to feedback. One or two people saying something bothers them may not be a big deal, but if a large portion of the readers who talk to you about your story are offended, they most likely have a point, so it’s good to listen to their criticisms and prepared to fix any issues/apologize as needed. It can be worrying and stressful if it happens, but will ultimately help you grow as both a writer and a person.

People love to see themselves represented, so as long as you put in the research and effort to write a group accurately, most people will see and appreciate it.