Story with limited choices? Advice please x

This is weird ngl because out of all writing platforms i chose this one because its far more comfortable for me. I’m currently in the process of writing a personal story like a healing thing for myself, but would it be okay if there were hardly any choices? Would people even be interested in reading it, knowing that there were no things they could change as these were the decisions i have made in the past?

help a gal out xx

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You’ll be fine. You probably won’t attract the main audience, but you’ll be better off writing something to please yourself, instead of someone else.


Honestly, thank you for this reply <3 I just wasn’t sure about it at all.

Your welcome. If it comes from your heart. you’ll have a good time writing your story :slight_smile:

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This is absoloutely fine, this is your story! A lot of stories have hardly any choices, i think it’s mostly about the storyline and plot which attract the audience x