Story with your phone?

Hi guysss,
I have a questionn. Is it still possible to make a story with your phone on episode? Or do you need a laptop or computer? I used to make storys with my phone but now it doesn’t work anymore. Am I the only one or have more people the same problem?

you can open the script on your phone by using your browser(its vert hard to write that way though because its the computer way of writhing), but you can no longer write on the app

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Ohhhhh so the app doesn’t work anymore? I used to use the app

it was removed because it was not worth it, the stories been made was of bad qulity and it never became what they wanted it to be.

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Ahhw sadd😢 butt thanks for your reactionn!

its been gone for a long time though

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Yea it could be… i didnt use it for a long time

I use to always use the one on the phone until it was removed and the Episode portal on the computer/laptop was so confusing to me but I went through the process and now make stories and help others with their stories and questions and with coding. :sweat_smile:

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Haha yea so sad, i also used to use the app on my phone but now I stopped because on the laptop it’s to hard :joy:

It gets easy once you see a few tutorials :smile: If you ever think about writing your own story I can help :wink:

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Thank you I’ll remember that😆