Story won't appear in app

So I’ve been working on a story on the portal. I use the Episode app to choose spot positioning, zooms, etc. They’re in the playable section, right? My story wasn’t in the section. I deleted the app and got it again, logged out and back in, still won’t appear. Please help!!!

Do you have 3 chapters that are each 400 lines long done? :thinking:

No i’ve just started today. Most of my stories aren’t completed, and this hasn’t ever happened before.

Ok, listen, you need to space all the way down to 400 for the first 3 episodes.

Just write some random stuff : )

ohh that, yes, i’ve done that, i thought you meant if they have any actual dialog /:

Hmm, if you have 3 chapters and each of them are 400 lines, then it should work :thinking:

Are you using the same e-mail on the app that you use on Writer’s Portal? :thinking:


You can still play it on Writer’s Portal though?

There are no errors, right?

Maybe you can double check your story :thinking:

The only errors are that two of my backgrounds are not yet approved.

You searched for them and couldn’t find them?

Honestly, if everything seems fine then it could just be some weird glitch.

Your best bet is to send a ticket:

And in case, you’re wondering what the heck is a support ID (but you’re probably not lol) can check out: How Do I Find My Support ID

Alright, thanks! (:

No problem! :black_heart:

Good luck and I hope everything works out xoxo


Hey so it’s a glitch. The shelf can only present so many stories at once, it sometimes doesn’t show the ones you want to. Like the person above me said, the best you can do is submit a ticket for now and keep working on your story.