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Hey everyone I’m writing a pretty personal story, and I know the basis of it but I’m finding it hard putting the words together, was wondering if anybody would be interested in helping create a story, its a sad story with romance and violence :slight_smile:

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I would LOVE to help!
PM me or DM me on my IG

Hello! I’m very interested in helping with your story if you still need a hand! I’m actually writing my own story that seems very similar to yours. If you’re interested, here is my story so you can get an idea of what my work is like.

If you’re interest, inbox me at anytime! I’d love to help :slight_smile:

Hello. I am currently working on my first story “In love with a schyzophrenic”. I redid it because the first version did not please me. this one is a little better but I’m not satisfied yet. I am looking for someone or people who would be interested to write it with me. and if you also know people for art resources (drawings, backgrounds, overlays etc)
thank you in advance to everyone

I would love to help