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Sooo I have this cute idea for a Christmas story which would also be my K&T contest submission (maybe). It starts with the main character Noelle who LOVES Christmas and just the whole winter season. She works as an elf in the mall who helps take pictures of kids with Santa during the winter season. Her love interest, Nicholas (get it… like old Saint Nick), is the guy who plays Santa Clause for the mall. The twist is Nicholas is like a “hot” Santa. He dresses up in a beard and stuff for the kids, but he become a more “sexy” Santa for pictures later in the evening for the young adult shoppers… idk this mall wanted to make more money😂

So anyways I have the basics, but I’m kinda struggling on the key part. How, when, and where do Noelle and Nicholas have their “forbidden” kiss and what could that kiss cause?? I want this story to be on the shorter side (10-15 episodes), so pitch ideas that wouldn’t go into an extremely deep plot lol. So please please everyone share their thoughts!!!:grin:

Side Note: The whole “hot Santa” is not supposed to be inappropriate at all… it will all obviously follow episode’s guidelines.

Please people, keep sharing your thoughts! I need lots of ideas!

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They should have a kiss under the mistletoe! Maybe Nicholas had been flirting with Noelle playfully as he does with most other girls. Noelle has had it up to here with his flirting and just isn’t having it. One night they leave the mall and Nicolas walks Noelle to the bus stop, doing his usual flirting of course. They find that under the bus shelter someone has tied a mistletoe, Nicolas takes this as an opportunity to go FULL FLIRT MODE and Noelle is just like OH FOR GOD SAKE FINE! And kisses him

Then some Christmas magic happens… time stops around them, the snow stops mid fall. They look to the sky and see a sleigh pulled by reindeer soaring towards the ground. It lands in the center of the road. They approach the sleigh tentatively and find a helpful elf who claims they are running late! And they must return to the north pole at once. Confused, they finally look at each other and realize NICOLAS LOOKS LIKE SANTA AND NOELLE LOOKS LIKE A REAL ELF! They go with the elf to the north pole and discover that the mistletoe was placed there by the Christmas spirits and the only way for them to get back home and to normal is for them to make Christmas happen!

Idk just found an idea and ran with it :sweat_smile:

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OMG! I honestly love that idea!! Very fun and original! There is a lot of potential with this idea! I also had the thought of mistletoe lol! Thanks so much for your idea! :grin::relaxed:

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All good man! Happy writing!

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