Storys I Reccommend To Read

Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni
Babysitting the Bad Boy by Elizabeth Carter
Pregnant by a Vampire: The Curse by Latrichia Lake
The Teacher by Mette M. Peleikis
The Dark Prince by Nis
My Childhood Neighbour by Natasha Hills
Pregnant by me Student by Noob Loop
Pregnant by my Student: Monster by Noob Loop
The Parolee by J.J
Love & War by Sandra.G
The Last Goodbye by Joseph Evans
Offside: The Girl Coach by Towerwhite
Chain Reaction by Miss Mj
Imprisoned Chemistry by Queen Alii
Baby on Board by Sammer B.
I Married a Millionaire by earlgreytea
Fall for me by Alex Light
City of Tragedy by Haileda
Fantastical: Tainted Souls
His Heart by J.J
My Skater Lover by Effy Ameer
Emerge: The Story of a Warrior by Elle_Episode
Fade Into me by Kaylee
To Love Again by Joriemar
Bad For My Heart by Michaela Bri


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Thank you for suggesting these.

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