Storys with multiple endings?

Hey Guys!
I have a short question for you!
Do you have any ideas for storys that i can read?
My favorite ones at this moment are „Becoming Queen Bee“ from @Bronte and „ Dirty Little Secrets“ from @CindyGaultier. So, as you can see i am a fan of storys where every choose you make is important for the story and where are multiple endings! I also love it when the story is animated in Limelight.
I would be so thankful when you could show me storys in Limelight with multiple endings and when i choose something it’s important for the rest of the story and for the episodes!!

Thank you, and sorry because of my english, it’s not my mother language :speak_no_evil:


Hit and Run by Elise C
Scandalous by Mina
Bye Bye Bad Boy by Katpphic
Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX

All in LL with choices that matter


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