Storytelling Tip: Where should I put this choice?

Okay, I’m trying to add more choices to my story. In the first chapter, I already plan on letting my readers name the MC and decide what he looks like. I’ve also decided to put in more choices, one of them being, well, part of my story is that the male protagonist and female protagonist are both obsessed with an obscure rock band. I thought I’d create a few choices and let the readers pick which one appeals to them more. Said choice would carry over the story.

I had planned on putting this choice in Chapter Two, but now I’m wondering if the story would flow more smoothly if the choice was in the first chapter, which is more of an intro.

If their obsession with the band is a fundamental part of the story, I would say put it in the first chapter!!

Hi this is bit too general question. To get right Answer. In general 1chapter needs to be interesting… It is the key which decides if the reader stay or you lose him for ever… So you need to drag him in the story and make him like it and being interested what come next.

If the choice will help this than it will be good to have it in 1chapter. But I think it should be in context… I mean if you let them choice the band in 1chapter but there is after it no related content that it would not make any afect and the reader might be even unplesantly confused why he had to choice band when there is no dialogue about it… Atc.

Of course, now I’m wondering if I bit off more than I can chew. I was thinking of presenting the choices, which would have a few sentences describing their theme/sound and letting the readers choose, but I don’t know if that kind of choice is even possible. I’m trying to be more creative with my choices, something beyond choosing outfits, but there’s a difference between creative and impossible. Someone want to help a confused writer out?

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