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Tell your most crazy stories here!


does it have to be something that happened in real life?? lol

It doesnt matter :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was really young I tell someone congratulations you are pregnant and she was not🤦‍♀️

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I did something similar when I worked at a grocery store.

A lady stood in my line and bought a pregnancy test. And I didn’t know how to respond.
I didn’t want to say, “Congratulations!” in case she didn’t want to be a mom, or she did but it turned out negative.

So I just told her: “I hope you get the result you want.”

She gave me the weirdest look and I kicked myself.

It was so awkward.
I could have just said, “Have a great day!” like a normal person but noooooooooooooooo.


Ok so, I don’t condone sneaking into places, but that being said.

So one of my best friends and I decided one night, we was gonna go explore this junkyard, yeah we was bored. So it’s late, and they have this fence. Let it be known, I’m one clumsy person, so I should have known better. So there was this tree we could climb and drop over the fence to get in, sounds simple enough. So my friend goes first, no problem. Now it’s my turn, so I climb the tree no issue. At this point I’m like, All right I got this, no way I can screw this up. WRONG, when I went to drop down, the back of my pants and undies got caught on the top of the tall fence.

So when I dropped, let me tell you, that was the mother of all wedgies. My friend was like what do I do, I could not get off, so I yelled cut the pants, he was like wait what??? I yelled cut the pants off so help me, when I do get off here you will suffer.

So needless to say he did it, and I had to walk of shame my bare butt back to the house without waking my parents. -_-

There was one time, I was 4 or 5. I went to school & came home with a hermit crab :joy:

The Black Balloon
True Story

When my brother who is 12 years older than me was like 10, He went to the Alaska State Fair (Where I used to live) And got a black balloon. He loved the balloon a lot and it didn’t deflate very fast. He always kept it in his room. One afternoon my dad found lighters under his bed. (My mom and dad were smokers. But My Mom finally quit! :relaxed:) My dad and mom then yelled at him and he told them the balloon did it. He started to not hate but get scared of the balloon. He would go into my Mom and Dad’s room most nights and said he Couldn’t sleep with the balloon to the point of crying. When he was woken up by my mom for school she found knives under his pillow. That’s when her and my dad wanted to get rid of the balloon. They then popped the balloon and threw it in the trash. When my brother got home from school the balloon was back in his bedroom. He started screaming and my parents were extremely scared. (My dad is followed by a lot of paranormal things from the age of 8 NOT KIDDING) They then through the balloon outside. When they opened the door it was hovering there. They closed the door one more time and when they opened it the balloon was nowhere inside. Like it vanished. I am not joking about this my family and I are believers of the paranormal because of how we have lived in some houses with paranormal activity. This is not a story for people who don’t believe in ghosts/demons/Paranormal things. I am completely serious about this. So if you don’t believe don’t say anything out of respect, please.

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