Storytime with iqra

Hey guys so i’m going to tell u a story about my friend being butthurt. As usual

So oneday it’s night and we are on discord. So she makes me an edit of me laying down. I made my own edit out of that picture and used my edit for my profile oic. She said “You should have used mine, mine was aesthetic” I replied with “Not everything has to be “aesthetic” " than after that she kicked me out of all of the groupchat and dmed me not nice things like ,I don’t want to be your friend, you’re annoying” but then she came back to me and told me that last year when she was new and when i became her friend when i didn’t have to, that i made her depressed last yr. When i ddi nothing but be nice to her. Infact she’s the one who makes me sad. So she came back to me as if nothing happened.

There’s more but i need to sleep so gn

Love, iqra :two_hearts:

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