Hey guys,
It’s me… again
I was wondering if you guys had any funny, crazy, or cringy stories you want to share.
Here’s one:

My class went on a camping trip recently, and the bathroom was about a minute walk from our main site. So me and my friend were going down the path to go there, and then my friend stopped me and of course I was like “Um yes??” then she pointed to the ground right in front of me and there was a snake. It was RIGHT by my foot in front of me so it was close enough to just slither onto me, so basically all hell broke loose in our minds and we started screaming and bolted back to our site. When we got there we were like “OMG OMG SNAKE!” But after explaining what the snake looked like our classmates and supervisors there at the time were just like “Oh that snake won’t hurt you.” and we just stared at them like, beech it’s a snake.

I mean maybe it wouldn’t have harmed us but yo snakes aint a joke. :joy:

What about you guys??


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