Storyyyyyy poll 😬

I actually cannot believe I’m doing this again.

Okay so my over-creative mind has thought of two more story ideas. Which story would you like to read the most?

Wicked. You pledged your loyalty to the devil to save your brother many centuries ago. It’s 2019 now, and you don’t want to be his servant witch anymore, will a mischievous demon help you escape Satan’s tight grasp?

Whiskey Hymn. Cast out by your former band mates, you’re now a stubborn solo artist. When a friend offers you a chance to work with a hit boy band, you finally see your chance to get the recognition you deserve. Will the drama and publicity ruin your rise to the top as the new ‘it’ pop star?

VIRUS. A very contagious virus from Malaysia that makes people go crazy enters the US. In a matter of minutes, you’re entire life is put on hold. Can you and 5 other teenagers survive the apocalypse, and get to a safe haven in one peace?

  • Wicked
  • Whiskey Hymn

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Virus is my favorite out of those :grin:

I would love to read virus i love these kind of stories so much😍

I like this one a lot :nerd_face:

Wicked or virus

Both sound so interesting

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