Straight face Animation?

Hey I’m looking for the straight face animation not like idle like the annoyed kind of one I can’t find it so if someone can tell me what it is that’d be helpful.

Is it? the ending after it rolls the eyes is what might help

Omg thank you so much I just don’t know how to show only the look and not the eyeroll cause all the other authors are good at it.

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Hmm is the main focus on the character, or is your character talking with someone else, I usually do
&CHARACTER starts eyeroll_subtle_atcamera
@pause for 1 (or more or less whatever fits best)
@zoom (on the character)
Then it should show only the last part

My main focus is on 2 characters like one character asks the other character a question and then that character does the eye roll.

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Oh alright, but is the camera placed where you can see both characters? if not then before one character asks the question you can make the other one start doing the animation! for ex

&CHARACTER 2 starts eyeroll_subtle_atcamera
CHARACTER 1 (talk_think_neutral)
How have you been?
@pause for 0.500

@zoom (onto the other character, and she should have the face you want lol)

you could make a duplicate of the character and make them do the eye roll outside of the zone then switch their place with the original character when you need the animation

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