Straight Hair Script Name


I’m trying to let my reader pick their hairstyle, and the straight hairstyle is one of the options, but every time I try to save my script, I get an error saying that “Straight” isn’t a hairstyle.
My script looks like this:
EMILY (think)

“Straight” {
@EMILY is primp_brush_hair
@EMILY changes hair into Straight


I would suggest skipping all that hastle and using @Dara.Amarie 's customization templates.


Change it from “Straight” to “straight”


Yes, I tried that, but it still didn’t work! :sweat:


Are you writing in INK or in Limelight? Or classic


Well in the script template for ink, it’s like this:
}“Straight” {
@char changes hair into Straight
@char starts primp_condescend
So maybe the problem is that you put the animation before the hair change, put it after and see if it still doesn’t work if it doesn’t maybe refresh and if it STILL doesn’t work than maybe try submitting a ticket


INK, and I’ll go try that!


I hope it works ;/ If it doesn’t than I really don’t know what’s the problem lol


It did! Thank you so much! :laughing: